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The Delaware Japanese Cultural Society,  or Kiyo Mizu Kai,  is a community-based,
n-profit, charitable organization that provides programs and events to share
Japan's unique culture and heritage to people of all ages, ethnic groups and
religious affiliations.  We are located in Newark, Delaware.

Kiyo Mizu Kai's goal is to promote friendship, understanding, and harmony between
the people of the United States and Japan through its various programs and

Kiyo Mizu Kai (a.k.a. Aikikai Foundation of Delaware, or AFOD) was founded by
Reverend Zenko N. Okimura, Shihan in 1995.  If you are interested in visiting and/or
possibly joining his Aikido Dojo, please
click here for more information.

contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of  Kiyo Mizu Kai or
have any questions.

In 2008 Kiyo Mizu Kai organized a group on Meetup.com to reach out to the local
community in search of potential members.  Please
click here to go to Meetup.com
for more information and to sign up.  Registration is free.  Please note that Meetup
membership does not constitute automatic Kiyo Mizu Kai membership.   Click on
the Membership Bullet above for more information on becoming a Kiyo Mizu Kai
member.  Your support is appreciated greatly.

Upcoming events,
click here.
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